Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer spurs a purge!

I'm rather disappointed in myself considering that I've done barely anything here. I haven't done much of the school work I was supposed to do either. For some reason, and there has to be a scientific explanation for this, I became obsessed with purging my space of junk and demanded organization. I have gotten pretty far in my task and will have a post featuring a tour of the completes space. I'm most excited for the new bed frame I purchased! The bed frame below has been with me for 13 years. Now it will be a guest bed in the attic.

 Now why the purge? I felt really stressed and it was thought that if I did this purge the stress would lessen and I could move onto other projects. Also, the academic year coming up is going to be the most busy I will ever be. Reducing my stress became top priority and this was a way to do it.

 I think it's best to say that Summer 2015 will be the my actual return. I will no longer be in school, nor interning, and I can focus 100% of my attention here. I apologize for jumping the gun! Part of me felt terrible that I was no longer available for dolly commissions, so I think I pushed myself when I really didn't have the time. However, I want to give you a sneak peak of the future blog! I will  have some blog post coming up next week that will feature  "Japan Fan Friday", "Adventure Monday", and "Dolly Wednesday", so please stay tuned for them. Thank you everyone for hanging in there with me! ^ o ^;

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