Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two projects down.

A sigh of relief as I finish two assignments out of 6 that have been consuming all that I am. The first was a wooden puzzle I had to create for 3D Design class. I had a vision, somewhat, and that vision was obviously too big for the tools I had available. I had not understood this until it was the last week before it was due. You know you can't find a fretsaw anywhere in NJ? I called my local hardware store hoping they'd say "Of course we have those!". Rather, I was told I had called the wrong place, "this is a hardware store, you need a music store". I realized I was doomed as I hung up the phone. I had to make adjustments and mistakes. Last night it came together a lot better than I hoped, and matched my vision. Success. The second project was a presentation of Frank Lloyd Wright. Also done.
What's left? 10 illustrated cards with box, painted portrait of an Ood(11"x14"), 6 painted spheres and cone, ink illustration (11"x14"). Oh and the next 3D Design assignment ... sculpture of bobbypins. I can't wait for the summer.

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