Saturday, March 9, 2013

A break for spring. (woe is me warning)

How appropriate and annoyingly pun-y that my mom would fall down stairs and break her arm right as I begin my spring break. Apparently I am having a terrible start with the new year. In less than a months time my brother dislocated his arm during the snow storm we had(of two), my grandmother needed quadruple bypass surgery, my oldest dog Jack had what we believed was a stroke or seizure, and I now have to do physical therapy that I can't really pay for for my back and my knee. I am however very glad that I did not require knee surgery myself. I would have had to leave school. Besides tons of other things too private or too whiny to mention, I am beyond stressed physically and emotionally. I just really need this break. I hope finishing these last commissions will be something therapeutic and not the other way around. Damn 1 billion school projects are gonna have to wait. I'm screwed...


  1. Yikes, I'm sorry you're off to such a rough new year. It seems to be going around as things aren't so great here either. Does your school not offer health insurance that would cover physio costs?

    I get health insurance through my school (I'm a grad student) but they only cover 80% of physiotherapy to a maximum of $300 per school year. I know this because I've been going and at $45 a session I'll be paying out of pocket for the whole thing soon. BUT, the physiotherapist actually sent me back to the doctor saying there was nothing she could do for me until I got the pain under control. Good times. :)

    I did get a dog. He's been the bright spot of my new year though financially I keep wondering what I was thinking.

    1. I do get insurance through school but I have to pay a copay so it comes out to $50 a week. I also had to pay $60 for two medicines. I don't even want to imagine my bills without insurance.
      $300 is definitely not enough for a school year, that's terrible.

      I'm glad you got a dog that raises your spirits. It's funny because I am also in that same exact sense of mind. I love my dog Molly, that turned 6 this February and would never give her up, but my lack of steady income should have made me think twice. Hah. The power they have over us with their cute little faces!!!