Friday, November 16, 2012

A post is in order!

I woke up from a sickness nap a couple of hours ago, so I'm wide awake. I feel like I should finally sit down and write something (poor neglected blog). I caught a bad cold on Monday and I'm still feeling it's full effect. Chapped red lips and a sore, dry nose have commenced. I looked in the mirror and scared myself. I'm not happy. I'm frustrated beyond belief! It was really the last thing I needed....wait let's not jinx it. I know what would make this situation worse but I'm not saying nuttin'!

Anyway this is what the next two months looks like for me;

Film Test tomorrow
Read science chapter
Finish copying 20+ drawings by Wednesday
Science article paper
Start group presentation project for film class
Start group presentation project for Japanese class
Start partner presentation project for Japanese class (yes two presentations)
Go on internship interview
Work on final diptych self portrait project
Extra credit for missed days for science class
Study and Practice Kanji
Write Japanese journal entries

Ok I think that's it. It makes me feel better to put it all out in list form so I can better manage my time, time that I seem to not have much of. I should be working right now instead of typing... Good night!