Monday, September 3, 2012

Simple excitement.

Today is not the sunny and sparky Labor Day I had in mind, but that doesn't stop me from feeling totally awesome! Well maybe that was a little exaggerated... We'll just use "good", yeah.

Classes start tomorrow... wait... CLASSES START TOMORROW! It didn't hit me until I just typed that just now. Holy moley I have to get an outfit together or something. I am still eager to start (and finish) the new semester. I think it's because buying the supplies is so much fun. So, that's one thing that's got me feelin' fine.

The other thing, er two things, is the completion of two more commissions, and my purchase of Unison pastels for future faceups! I bought the 36 size portrait set, and hope to add more individual colors to the collection. The Unison set seems to have similar colors to the Rembrandt set that I have. I do not have the box anymore, but I believe it was a "portrait" set as well. I really, really can't wait to try out these beauts!

As for commissions, I completed a Volks Hijikata and a Soom FL Auber. The Auber is one of the tiniest dolls I've ever had to work on besides a Liebchen. I've worked on three now so far. It's a fun challenge painting so small, but I'm surprised I'm not completely cross-eyed now. With the Volks, what can I say, doing faceups on them is like butter.

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