Sunday, September 2, 2012

Satisfaction Sunday! #8 Doctor Who

This Satisfaction Sunday will be entirely dedicated to Doctor Who to celebrate the first episode of the 7th season that aired this past Saturday. Have you seen it? Did you love it? Did EXTERMIHATE it?!? Ok, that's enough. Allons-y!

I enjoyed the preview Jenna-Louise Coleman gave us of her lovable-ness and talent with the character Oswin Oswald in the first episode. She will also be playing the new companion, Clara. I'm rather excited and anticipating her first appearance as a companion.

Recognize the coloring of this polish? I'll give you a hint. It's called "Don't Blink" by Nerd Lacquer. That's right, a weeping angel themed polish. I think it's an awesome color, and just a litte bit scary. Photo by Chalkboardnails.

Lego has a site where you can submit designs for future Lego themes. I really wish this one took off. Keep submitting Doctor Who themes!!

I thought this was a beautiful shirt and idea! I will definitely want one. Shirt by caitycollins.

How adorable is this Adipose bento?! I don't know whether to hug it or smush the whole rice ball into my mouth.

This simple fez and bow tie combination charm is too awesome for words. Created by woodspriteanon.

FANTASTIC idea by Rachelle Bellar. Who wants to play with me?

Once I am able to purchase my macbook this guy is definitely going on it. Too awesome! Sold by barnyardfx.

And lastly, just for fun. This just make my internal fangirl scream like a crazy person. Luckily I've got containing her under control. Haha.

Here's to the next episode! Hope you all enjoyed this Sunday!

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