Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walking through my town.


I have made it a goal to walk more. Tons more. Like about 4+ miles every day. That may not seem like a lot to some, but it's a lot more than I would do everyday. And so, I walk from my house all the way down to the end of my town (it's a peninsula) and then back home. It's roughly 5 miles depending on what route I take. Yesterday I biked it, and I've walked it a total of 3 times within a weeks time. I try to convince my friends to do it so it's not so lonely.

Today, however, I was by myself. It made the walk feel like a whole lot longer, but I still did it. The trek was made wonderful when I past some foliage and a huge amount of butterflies floated out and around me like someone had thrown a handful of confetti. It was definitely a moment. I then stood there (in front of someone's house, right outside there window) for a good 10 minutes trying to get a good photos of these guys. Out of 40 photos these were my favorite.

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