Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update on Meggilu's future.

How is it Thursday already?

Looks like as I am getting prepared for school to come on back into my life, I'm also preparing to revamp and reopen my shop. Yep, I decided I can't stop. (I may have a problem.) I am not going to be taking as many spots as I usually do, and will be taking a slower approach to filling spots. I will be a lot busier and I want to make sure I'm taking on commissions that I'm interested in and driven to complete. Protocol and FAQ will also be rewritten.

Prices will also be raised as I want to finally switch to the higher quality Unison pastels and will be using MSC mostly. My first plan of action is to work on the three remaining commissions and then onto reopening and the site.

In sad news, I decided I did not have the funds to spend on kayaking if I wanted to go to Japan. Damn you highly enticing trip to the other side of the world!!

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