Monday, August 20, 2012

The Plan.

As summer is rolling on by I am getting ready for the upcoming Fall semester with some excitement. I kind of miss school. However, I am sad to lose all that free time. I am organizing all my work big time to complete all commissions that are with me right along with the end of August. I believe I can do it. I had a little setback in the beginning of the plan (2 full cans of ZM were defective, I persevered and was able to get my hands on some Mr. Super Clear!!), but I just have to work less comfortably. I can do it!

I think this may be my last commission opening for a while. I want to start taking on some internships or perhaps part-time jobs. Which would leave me with very, very little time. I will definitely be continuing my blog, but commissions will take a hold after this list is done. Ah, the future. Scares and excites the pants off of me.

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