Friday, August 17, 2012

Race to fit in Summer fun!

Earlier today my friend Dayna and I planned to go to a lake since we hadn't been to one all summer. We were a little weary of the thunderstorm warning, but chose to ignore it based on past experiences of no-show or late storms. It was a success.

I also received a photo of me during the 4th of July from her that was inconspicuously taken of me and my extremely pale legs. The holiday always passes by way too fast, and now summer is almost over. I am going to make the best of what's left!

Working on dolls all night. The storm is too weak! Yes!


  1. I have 'devoured' the content of your blog in the past few days from the very beginning till now. You impress and inspire me in so many ways! Thank you for blogging ^.^

    1. I am very honored and flattered! Thank you for reading. :)