Thursday, August 23, 2012

More commissions and Mitsuwa.

I think I've been to Mitsuwa about 3 times in the past week. That's a lot. It that a bad thing? No not really. Does it remind me that I barely studied Japanese, and that I really want to be able to go in January. Yep. I only have about one more week until classes start. I'm a bit nervous.

I am still excited about going to Japan. I really want to try authentic ramen, sushi, and natto. I really enjoy natto. I'm not excited to be around so much seafood though. This is my nightmare. Yes, you read correctly. I do want to try sushi, but dislike seafood. It's an inner conflict I deal with daily. Ah, but natto. Natto is always good. I even bought some to take home from Mitsuwa. I did feel like having ramen today so I reminded myself to purchase some from the grocery. There were so many different brands to choose from, so I finally decided to go for the one that gave me the most assurance... (advertisers are genius!). I will most likely try it out tomorrow morning. I'm eager to see how it is packaged instead of served from Santouka. Doesn't it look so appetizing?!

I was at Mitsuwa today to drop off a commission and I'm glad to say I got even more commissions finished. I am working on the next two now. Everything is still moving along nicely.

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