Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another reason to love Ikea.

A random trip to Ikea for a $20 coffee table turned into me purchasing a small desert/jungle for my room. They were having a great sale on plants and potters, I had no idea. %25 off each plant you buy with a pot. How sweet is that? I ended up buying 3 plants with their own little pots. I am starting to get so addicted to nature that I'm bringing it inside. Soon I'm gonna need a machete to get to my bed at night.

I now have an Aloe Vera, Fairy Castle cactus, Warneckii, and Batik plant. I gave the Fairy Castle cactus a name immediately after purchasing him from Lowes, which is Booger. I want to name the other ones but have yet to think of them. Naming your plants is very serious business.

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