Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trying hard to keep up the pace.

Recently I had some awesome, wonderful news revealed to me in a school email. Two semesters ago I had enrolled in Japanese II and we all convinced Sensei to work on making Japanese III happen. Well with a long wait she actually made it possible! I was automatically enrolled into Intermediate Japanese I, which luckily fit right into my schedule. I already had 5 classes, so Intrm. Japanese I would make that 6. So... I dropped a class. 2013 Summer classes are going to be a definite now, maybe even Winter session.

Anyway. I have been studying a lot (practically addicted) so that I can be caught up for this class. Some things are coming to light slowly, but I'm hoping I will be prepared enough when the class starts. The idea of me speaking fluent Japanese right now seems very far off, but I just need to stick with it. I'm glad that I feel like I'm breaking a code, which I'm very drawn to figure out. It keeps me going.

I also have a wonderful collection of references and information. Like a giant kanji poster!

I'm also using these books;
1. Japanese for Busy People I & II (kana version) 
2. Japanese Particle Workbook
3. Random House Japanese-English Dictionary
4. The Complete Japanese Verb Guide (Tuttle)
5. The Complete Japanese Adjective Guide (Tuttle)

To top it off, my friend Jenni, who is currently in Korea preparing to teach English, will be coming home in January for the holidays. Then, and hopefully (I have every appendage crossed), a small group of us will be heading East with her to visit Japan before she returns to Korea! I am trying my best to save every penny for the flights. Once I purchase those tickets there is no turning back. I don't care if I have to live in a cardboard box and eat bugs just to survive while I'm there. I will go. I must go!


  1. That is awesome. I really wish I spoke another language. I speak English (obviously) and French but I really wish I had one other language (at the very least) under my belt. I wish I spoke Hebrew.

    I've noticed I'm recognizing some Japanese words thanks to the anime that I watch but that's a far cry from actually grasping the language. :)

    1. I can only speak English fluently at the moment. That's so cool that you can speak French as well. I wish I could just absorb languages and speak every one I hear. Lol like a super power.