Sunday, July 22, 2012

Satisfaction Sunday #4

When looking through custom decoden photos I was not expecting to find something Doctor Who related. I think this is so smart and adorable!

(via HoneyCoatedDeco)

If there's any company who makes outfits close enough to my Amalgam's style it's SoulDoll. They're outfits are amazing and extravagant.

(via SoulDoll)

SWITCH sculpts are one of my favorites. I would love to have any of them. This one in particular is so lovely.

(via SWITCH)

SDink does exquisite faceups and has the best doll collection! I'm so in love with the colors and gradients in this photo.

(via SDink)

I love cowboy boots, so when I saw these I wanted them immediately for my dolls. 

(via Crobidoll)
At first sight this doll made me think, young Professor Snape. He'd be perfect for it! Anyone else think so? Anyone else have him already as a young Snape? ^_^

(via Luts)
This simple dress is versatile and gorgeous. I love the color.

(via CoralieBeatrix)

Yesterday I saw The Dark Knight Rises and had lots of fun with friends. I really liked it and would watch it again. It led to a comic/movie/superhero argument/debate until 4am this morning between all of us (including my brother). It was quite entertaining to say the least. If you'd like a little a view into the "debate", ask yourself this, Who would win? Batman or Iron Man?

Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday and a great week!

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