Sunday, July 15, 2012

Satisfaction Sunday #3

I recently came across Georgina's blog and it completely drew me in. I love her style and artwork. She's so adorable/pretty to boot!

Dollmore came out with a tan version of their Judith sculpt. I'm loving her skintone with her smoky look. I wish I wasn't saving up for other things. I would totally snatch her up for a character I'm developing.

I don't particularly get interested in Immortality of Soul sculpts, but this new guy changed my mind about that.  It's definitely about the smoldering look this week! Haha.

I want to bring Momochuu to Japan if I do end up going. So I was searching for outfits she could wear. How adorable is this?! I think I might be adding it to her suitcase.

Via AngelGardenByChilly

I've been having a serious interest for a while to make my own dioramas for dolls (if only I had the room). I love checking out custom made miniature furniture. This 1:6 scale of retro furniture is amazing!

via MiniPlacesStudio

Mid-Summer and thinking about classes starting again. Searching for a new backpack and found this. Slap a TARDIS on anything and I'm in love. TARDIS bookbags are cool.

via ParamountPacific


  1. The Immortality of Soul guy looks like Crispin Glover.

    1. You're right, he does! Like in Charlie's Angels or Willard.