Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I spent 4th of July.

Yesterday was Independence Day in America and I'm happy to say I had a pretty awesome time. The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays (the other being Halloween) and I rarely get to celebrate it to the fullest sadly. However, this year was a success. I know I had a good 4th of July when it was a day full of fireworks. I LOVE fireworks. A lot. A lot, a lot.
My town has firework shows sometimes, and it's not common for it to land on the 4th because they prefer to do it on the weekends. This year they decided to do it on the 4th. So, Dayna and I prepared to go. I dyed my hair to feel like a mermaid and headed out at 8 o'clock. I hadn't been to the showing this close since I was a kid. I was a baseball field away from where they were lighting them off! The grand finale filled my entire vision. It was amazing. My 4th of July was complete.

After the fireworks show I visited my friend's house to hang out and ate some food. We lit off some more fireworks from our compiled arsenal. Our homemade fireworks show featured strobes, spinners, bottle rockets, reporting tanks, and sparklers. We all went home pretty early because everyone else had work in the morning. I went home and went to work at my job ;)


  1. Your hair….oh my gosh. I would pay you to come to my house and do this to my hair. It looks like a dream!!!!!

    1. Heheh, thanks so much! It would be a pleasure!
      Sadly, it did not last long because of my love of pools. :(