Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Health slowly returning.

I am finally starting to feel better. My body still aches (staying in bed for days is no good, yay strained muscles), but I'm definitely over what attacked me last week. I have yet to return to the activity level I was prior and still get fatigued easily, which is such a bummer, but I'm taking it easy in the pool and trying not to sit for too long. Take good care of yourself everyone!

So it's back to work slowly and I will have better posts for everyone. I know I missed a couple of Satisfaction Sundays, so I thought I'd just squeeze in a little something I found this past week into this post. When I saw this Blythe sculpture in my contacts photostream I was stunned. It is so amazing. Totally thinking outside of the box. I love it! Dr. Blythenstein on Flickr is the artist behind these extraordinary, beautiful, and unique pieces. His other Blythe works he likes to call "Yarn Heads" are so cute and squeezable, I wish they were made in mass quantities so that I could buy a whole bunch!

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