Monday, July 23, 2012

Eventful Grey Monday.

Today I drove a manual car for the first time (Jeep Wrangler! Woo!), and just finished painting 3 dolls. I feel accomplished. Driving stick is actually a lot less complicated than I thought, well for my brain I mean. I thought I was going to have a hard time, but I actually did pretty well. My lead foot was the only big problem. Mind says, "Your foot is not pushing on the gas". Foot says, "Zzz, ugh I'm lazy" *dead weight*. So there were times I thought the car was revving because I pushed down on the clutch. Stupid. Prior to this adventure Dayna and I went to Mitsuwa to have ramen and ice cream. Black sesame ice cream is really good. Do not be fooled by it's grey color.

I'm also wanting to work on a doll that I've had for quite some time. He has had his nose and eyes modded, so he has grey parts that I will need to airbrush. I want to customize him to sell to add to my Japan funds. I'm just finding it hard to make time. Hopefully I can start some time soon. He is giving me this rebellious vibe. I still have to sort out what I will do for his face up. I love his pointy modded nose.

Tonight I will be helping a friend install her synthetic dreads that she has made. I'm excited to do it. It's similar to crocheting or knitting, however the finished product turns out quicker. They are black faded into grey and they are really awesome looking. I can't wait to see how they will look on her.

I noticed I mention grey in every paragraph I wrote. It is a grey day too...

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