Friday, June 15, 2012

Keeping busy.

I'm back in NYC for another four days. I brought my laptop along so that I could work on posting the tutorials while I was away and unable to do commissions. Last night I almost completed Puppydogninja's commission. I designed their entire faceups based on Puppy's input of making them opposites (light & dark, death & life). To be honest, I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't come up with anything interesting. So, I made mock ups for approval and then went to work. Last night took about two - three hours of intense, neck breaking painting. Haha. I was determined to get them at least 90% finished before I left. I'm happy to say that I was successful.

Puppy wanted each doll to have markings on the face that would express their theme. I thought to use a similar shape or symbol on the forehead of both dolls to tie them together, yet easily represent their opposite themes. The Fairyland event doll, who represents "light" or "life", has gold forehead markings with a solid sphere to express the fullness of life and the glow of the sun. The Leekeworld Khal, representing "death" or "darkness", has an empty black sphere shape to express the emptiness of death and allow the skin of the doll  to mimic the glow of the moon. Also, did I mention that I love using gold paint? Gooold! Sparklyyy~

I can't wait to get back home and keep working on commissions. I will be back on the 19th!

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