Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who is this new boy?

In a previous entry I mentioned how Bikou had switched dolly bodies from my Crobidoll Jerome to my Asleep Eidolon Mu. Now I have this handsome, and somewhat geeky, boy on my hands. I have not discovered a name yet, but I believe that's because I haven't been able to give him any of my attention. I took some photos of him to see if his name would pop into my head. I was unsuccessful, but getting close. I think he's missing something. I'm imagining round eyeglasses. Looks like it's to the drawing board.


  1. I've always thought the way you painted him was so nice. I also love love that wig haha! He looks great and I think that some glasses would look very nice on too XDD He's such a cute sculpt! =3

  2. with that wig (which i love!) he remains me (somehow) to Lestat from Interview with the vampire, maybe a chibi version (even if the sculpt is not chibi)... i love it