Saturday, May 19, 2012

I've been dreaming...

...about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail ever since I stumbled upon it's possibilities when trying to plan a hiking/camping trip (I knew practically nothing about backpacking). When I told my best friend and hiking buddy Dayna about what I discovered she was totally down to try it out in sections with me. I wanted to slowly build up the sections to eventually do a thru-hike in the future. Today we went to our first little day hike section in Pochuck Valley and Wawayanda Mountain. It was a 7+ mile shuttle hike with a mix of easy to strenuous. The mountain was a little deadly, but we made it. However, we couldn't even fathom the fact of having a 30lb. + pack on while climbing the mountain.

All together, and as I sit here all comfortable and showered, it was totally worth it. The area was absolutely beautiful. The best hike I've been on so far. It makes me even more eager to thru-hike. I have decided it will be a graduation gift to myself. Six months on the trail sounds crazy, but it also sounds like a crazy awesome experience. It would be something amazing to accomplish and I just hope I can even attempt it. Right now I'm saving up my pennies to buy supplies; new boots, lightweight tent, sleeping bag, water filter, attire, etc. Dayna and I are going to attempt a 3-4 day hike on the trail this June or July. It will be our first time experiencing serious backpacking with overnight camp outs. Then I'll have a better idea if I'm cut out for backpacking at all. If that goes well, it will be onto a bigger section. I'm a bit uncertain, but excited. I mean look at the rewards of all the hard work! As I said, absolutely beautiful!

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  1. Wow look at all that green!! It's amazing up there! I can't believe you went all the way to the top!! Gahhh I'd be so scared, lol! I'm glad you got a day off and enjoyed yourself. Be careful out there and most importantly have fun :)