Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting things done, a wonderful thing.

I completed karleecakes' commission and also had time to put a face-up on my Supia Hael. I am very pleased with both. I'm glad I could finally get these two very important things finished. It had me thinking that I probably won't ever stop doing this. I am taking a break from commissions, but will be working on my own projects.

For sale thread on DenofAngels
Speaking of projects, I promise an eyebrow tutorial as my next post. It will show how I begin eyebrows and a bit of information on how I got to understanding how to place them on in the first place. I hope to do more tutorials, so keep suggestions coming.


  1. Yay eyebrows! :) And wow what beautiful faceups.

    I'm going to be sitting here impatiently waiting for you to take commissions again since I have 2 faceless DIM dolls. ;)

  2. OMG!!! Your Supia is amazing!!!! She is really a beauty! Love her :)
    Sad is SD :/ I prefer MSD :P