Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey freckle face!

Did I mention how much I love doing freckles on dolls? I think it gives a doll deep character just by adding them. It also makes me miss my freckled faced NaNuRi Ashley. I want a doll with freckles again. Hmm... Should Prise have freckles? That might just work!

I started knitting a scarf late and right in the midst of winter like I usually do. I end up realizing that it's cold and I need a scarf. Yet I'm stubborn enough to not buy one because I know I can make one. Then I start it and never finish it and all the sudden it's summer. I wanted to try making my own simple drop stitch pattern. It took a few tries to get right, but I'm pretty pleased where this one is going.

Lastly, two things, I will be changing my site around to make the blog the main page, and also... Dan Auerbach is my hero.

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