Saturday, December 17, 2011

Was November even on the calendar this year?

I wonder if I'm not alone is saying that this year was really lame. Maybe I'm just focusing too much on the negatives, but does anyone else feel that way? Perhaps it's politically correct to say that this year was more of a struggle. But! It's almost over, and it's really strange. It went by so fast and I'm not sure why.

Today I went rock climbing and was completely disappointed in myself. I wasn't able to hold on and kept slipping off the grips. I just don't have the strength to manage the walls I chose. I hate when I can't do something. I have to keep practicing and doing more strength exercises.

My last final is Monday, and I must study for it and complete 3 commissions. Got to get to work.

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  1. This year was rough for me as well. And time seemed to fly by on me even though things were so dark. It's definitely been a weird year and I'm going to be happy to close the book on this chapter.