Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vintage favorites and college finals.

So, some of you wished me well on my final for today (I thank you very much!), and I think it worked! It was not too difficult this time around, and I think I did pretty well. That's 2/4 down and I can finally breathe! That also means more free time for dolls and my poor website. Yay!

Today I reopened my shop to fill some more spots and they are already sold out. Thank you so much everyone! I cannot wait to work with all of you!

Recently I have been finding myself browsing through Etsy for vintage furniture, ebay for old refrigerators, and gasping at how cute a kitchen looks while watching House Hunters, to then hear the couple doing the hunting exclaim, "Oh and this needs to all be redone, where is the GRANITE and STAINLESS STEEL?!" How it pains me. I'm really longing for a home of my own and all the wonderful things that will bring..s.. Anyway! Here are some pieces that I favorite'd recently!

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  1. Great taste for furniture! Vintage can be great!
    I would lso love to have my own home - how great that will be! I am glad to hear that you are doing well on finals! I am glad that I have 2 more to go as well!