Friday, December 16, 2011

A Small City Celebration.

My friends and I heading into the city to do some premature end of the semester celebrating. It feels like we went all over NYC. First we stopped by Lush (made my nose tired), and then off to Union Square's holiday market to check out the goods, and buy some presents. I also had my very first macaron, and yes they are very, very, very good!

We then realized we were starving and decided to eat at a Japanese restaurant called Robataya. It was excellent! The place was really beautiful and made you feel like you were actually in Japan. I got the sukiyaki zen for lunch. It was my first time eating cellophane noodles, and I found them delightful!

After we were done it was onto Tokyo Rebel for a quick depressing second. On the way there I came across this awesome vintage eye wear shop, and thought I had died and gone to heaven. It's called Fabulous Fanny's and boy was it fabulous. I was barely prepared! I saw the small collection in the window and thought it was just a simple vintage shop with a little collection of eye wear. When I walked in I was blown away with drawers and drawers of vintage frames! I wanted to spend hours in there. I found a pair that I wanted so badly, but did not have the funds for however.

 Next it was up to 42nd street to hit Bryant Park's market and Kinokuniya where we spent a little time. I was tempted to buy some more things for myself, but knew I would very much rather have presents for my friends and family. You cannot control me Dolly*Dolly books!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to my friends and meet up with my mom at work. So, back down to 14th street I went. My mom was gracious enough to still get me my much needed running shoes as a late birthday present. By that time it was almost 8pm, so we met my dad back in Jersey City for some delicious Indian food for a late dinner. It was quite the eventful day, and now I am very tired. I think it might be an early bedtime for me. Yep almost 12am is early to this night owl. Hope everyone has a great weekend and Holiday!


  1. You resisted Dolly*Dolly books? You are strong. I bow to your strength and fortitude. *makes note of this, plans trip to NYC*

  2. Yeah I almost didn't make it out of the store. I stood there flipping through them deciding which one to buy for a long time. Lol.