Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas outfits!

Christmas outfit from Shabby Apple!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Now it's Monday, half of my holidays are over, and it's onto work. Uninterrupted doll work. This may actually be the last commission I will be taking for a bit when all is said and done. Then I'm going to move onto making customs and focusing more on my own dolls. It won't be forever of course. To offset this change I will focus more on helping all of you out there do your own face-ups! I will be consolidating all my pages into one big mega awesome blog that will have everything. I cannot wait. So, do not be frightened if one day you visit and the shop is gone. It will still be here just moved. I will send out notices when this will happen.

I'm also excited to mention that I received an awesome new camera lens for Christmas. A Canon EF 50mm f/1.8II. It is one of the best lenses for it's price. It amazing! Momochuu received a new outfit too from the wonderful Gulshan, and I was quick to take some photos of how cute she looked!

I hope everyone's ready for the New Year! I know I am!


  1. I love the outfit you're wearing. And yay to the new lens. I love my similar (Nikon) lens. Though ever since my friend bought me the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S ED VR II Nikkor Telephoto Zoom Lens (yeah I copied and pasted the name) it really hasn't come off my camera. It's heavy but I love it. Whenever I do switch back to my 50mm my camera feels so light!

  2. Thanks Jen! Lol, I've been wanting to get more lenses too, but they're so expensive. The Nikon telephoto you have sounds like it's pretty impressive. I want the 24-70mm canon lens, it's on my dream wish list. The 50mm is like so tiny compared to even my stock lens. I forgot how light they are.