Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas Wish.

It's almost December and it's 60+ degrees out. It's very strange.

I'm about to head out to class for 2 hours. Then when I come home I have to get straight to writing my 5 page paper due tomorrow. Yep, procrastination at it's best.

I've made it a goal to finish all the commissions I have here with me and sent home before Christmas. I must work harder! After I get this paper finished I should have more time. Just reading and studying for finals is all that is left for me until the 21st. Then I'm free~ I'm thinking that is when I will reopen some commission slots. I will be able to work on them during my winter break. I definitely need that break. Then I will finally be able to put a face on Prise. Here's one of her mock-ups I did earlier this month;

I kind of wanted her to have antlers, but then decided I'd rather have them painted on her, or in a way lines to simulate her having this energy running through her. She's a healer, one of the three beings "something" creates for a special action in my story. Amalgam is the precog, her counter-part in the story. There is a third, a destroyer type, but he/she hasn't been fully developed. In the picture her make-up looks really stark, but I know in real life it will be this soft darkness. I can't wait to start.

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