Sunday, October 30, 2011

Slowly coming back.

I'm actually doing stuff today that's important, and I'm very relieved. Look! I'm even making a blog entry! That reminds me that I missed two monthly favorites, but oh well, not too important.

At this current moment I am getting together photos of two commissions I've completed, and just got finished doing some homework for a class I rarely pay attention to. (Bad Megan!) When you can't concentrate and feel like you're failing at everything you're doing it's really hard to step up and take responsibility. All you want to do is either nothing, or something that will make you feel better. Now I'm sorting out my priorities to where having good grades and being a better artist is what will make me feel better in the long run. I'm ok, I feel ok being involved in my own life again. Blah blah blah right? Haha.

COMMISSIONS. I am now putting my brush to the resin and not freaking out anymore. Let's continue this self! I have one free commission to complete before the first week of November is over, as well as an airbrush commission I want to complete before it's too cold. Which ironically was a day like yesterday!!

It was snowing as if it were January yesterday! A blizzard basically. My friend was parked in front of my house so we could get his costume ready for a party, and a branch broke under the weight of it's leaves catching the snow and smashed into his windshield. Massive crack right in it. Luckily it did not completely shatter. Poor Mick. Trees were splitting and breaking all over my town, it was rather scary. Early winters are no good!

Now that I haven't posted much for a while, I will give you a summary of nice things I've done!

- Visited the Statue of Liberty
- Rock climbing ( I can belay now!)
- Went to NYCC/NYAF in self-made Azumanga Daioh cosplay
- Saw Paranormal Activity 3 *shrug*
- Bought a knitting pattern
- Made an Ash Ketchum shirt for my friend

Pictures collage soon!


  1. Good to see that you feel better :). Sometimes ruts like that can happen, and you just need some downtime. It's understandable. Keep doing the things you love doing and try to avoid those that give you too much stress. I get like this when I need to make a change in my life. It's a Sagittarius thing, haha! Do your best!

  2. Thank you so much. Yep, I'm a Sagittarius too, so I can relate. ;)