Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lots of esplainin' to do!

Ah, ok, so.. My site was a mess recently wasn't it?! I found out what happened from my host and learned that there was a mass hack of their servers where only the index files were changed. They fixed it and have made the steps to prevent it. Any other mix ups were my fault as I uploaded the wrong index files two different times. Yeah durf, shows where my head is right now. In space.

Now to address commissions, a lot of you are waiting, and I appreciate it wholeheartedly! You don't even know how much. All of you should be ripping my head off, but you're not, and you are all so understanding. I cannot even start to think about how to repay the kindness! (well besides getting your dolls finished and back home). I've started most of them, which means they've either been cleaned or had their first coat of sealer. If you have any questions or want to kick my butt into gear just message me.

Here's to managing my time better, and stop being a sorry lump of loser. Commissions and homework right now. Oh good grief the homework..


  1. Yeah - gotta love the homework! Nothing like it to make you feel alive! :)

    Books upon piles of books - I am going a bit more insane with each passing day :)

  2. Yeah I am trying my hardest to read this history homework I put off until last minute. I cannot control myself from wandering off in my mind. Very frustrating! Lol.

  3. I know what you're feeling,. I feel I got homework up the wazo. Why? Oh why is it so easy to procrastinate? LOL
    Sending you good vibes to get all you projects done with no feelings burned out at the end. Love and blessed be!

  4. If you could tell me how to stop procrastinating I'd appreciate it. I still haven't handed in my thesis proposal and all I need to do is add like a paragraph, clean up some wording and put on a title page!

    And we won't mention the craft fair that is coming up fast that I haven't sewed a thing for... AHHHH!