Sunday, September 4, 2011

School's back so soon!

No not that school. I WISH!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this enough, but I got into Pottermore early. So I have some videos of me getting my wand and sorted and looking around. I was hoping to edit and upload them, but I must wait until I get my new 2T hard drive. Beastin'. I will finally have space and not feel like I'm in a cave with water up to my nose. What made me think 150gig hd was enough? I have NO idea.

I am totally not prepared for classes to start on Tuesday. Totally. (This is Muggle school I'm talking about) I'm lucky in the fact that my first and only class to start off this semester is a 3pm. Yessss! I do have an online course that I keep forgetting about though. It's my first online course and I have no idea how it will go. It better go well because the book was not cheap!

Besides expensive books, you know what else really chaps my ass? It's the lack of clubs at my university. I thought about taking a look at our list of clubs as to maybe get myself into something that will occupy my loser time, giving me something fun to do. I think there were about 10 all pertaining to nothing interesting at all. Well, at least nothing that would make me want to join. So I think I'm going to try and start one. Do I know how to start one? No. Do I even have the guts to start one? Definitely no. Will I try? Yep! I'm thinking a Gaming Club, or a Japanese Club is in order. Imagine a Harry Potter Club? High five! I will just have to see what I can do.

Changing the subject, commission completed today!


  1. I suppose this means I have to start working on my thesis again and stop pretending it doesn't exist.

  2. Yeah not looking forward to the amount of papers I will be needing to write this semester. TT ~ TT