Sunday, September 11, 2011

Epic Hiking Day!

Today my hiking buddy decided to take me to a new trail spot to hike that apparently was more difficult than the one I've gone to. Boy was it! My legs feel like they can punt buses. Not only that, we saw practically every species of animal you can in New Jersey! Chipmunks, frogs, dragonflies, snakes, a turtle (!), and A BEAR! That's right kids, we were on a trail that both of us have never been on and we came across a black bear.

I could not tell the difference between excitement and fear. Luckily it wasn't right in our path, but down off to the side of mountain we were on. I didn't take any photos or videos because I was thinking that finding a safer spot away from the bear I could barely see (no pun intended I swear) was more important.

This was already after we saw two snakes, two we-don't-know-what's, and a turtle. So, we were already hyper aware of our surroundings. I had actually just stopped recording a video too thinking there wouldn't be anymore surprises. I also didn't want to hold out my phone while we hiked up another rock covered hill. Well when we got to the top we heard rustling, and not like the small rustling we heard before. I whispered to my friend, "That sounds big..", making my hands parallel to gesture a size that did not even come close to it's size.

I probably looked at her with the most unsure face as she turned to me. Should we go forward? We did decide to walk forward as if to try and leave a layer of air between our feet and the ground. It was so scary, but I did manage to take a peak and see what looked like two round ears on a big cone shaped head. "It is a bear!!", I said mostly in my mind as to not make too much noise. I instantly thought of every television special I've seen on bear attacks and the urge to not be in that spot was growing. I would have thought I'd be so excited to see a bear in the wild, bears are one of my favorite animals. Nope, I was pooping right in my pants.
It then crossed both our minds that it's usually good to appear big, scary, and loud as too intimidate the bear. So as we were a little bit farther passed him we started talking louder, and walking normally, and he ran away... The most serious and scariest minute of my life!


  1. Wow that sounds awesome! I think I would totally have a panic attack if I saw a bear! :)

  2. Thanks for your well organized and informative post.