Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prise, almost a reality.

Today Prise's eyes finally came and they could not be more perfect. I'm almost done paying her off and I can't wait. She's going to be beautiful. I will also have two dolls that belong together. Lots of photos I hope. Pretty big deal. I'm slowly coming out of my supor (bare with me please) and getting back into my dolls again. Having Prise on her way will probably help even more.

I went hiking again today! It was pouring so I had to wear a bright orange poncho, which was quite entertaining. We went to the same place but took an easier route. It was right alongside a lake and was so beautiful. I just want to plant my feet and live there forever, like a tree.

Speaking about planting >> ground >> earthquake! I actually experienced an earthquake on Tuesday. Funny because the entire time I was thinking, "what they hell are they doing in this warehouse?" It felt like I was on a bridge and 18-wheelers were crossing it. It stopped about 20-30 seconds after it started. Then someone comes into the office and mentions the word "earthquake", but with a smile on their face. I was thinking it was a joke until we were told to evacuate the building. Pretty interesting. When it's lower than a 5 it's a pretty cool thing. I don't think I'd be as enthusiastic if we experienced anything over that. Now supposedly a huge hurricane is heading our way. I just had the realization that maybe I should prepare for it... it could be actually dangerous...


  1. My friend is in Virginia. She was asleep and apparently went running out of her house. She said it was worse than the 3 earthquakes she experienced living in LA. We didn't feel it here in my part of Canada.

    That's a beautiful photo by the way.

    Hopefully the hurricane dies out before it hits your area and hopefully my friends in Virginia will be spared any damage as well. It's not really going to reach where I am, we just have thundershowers forecast.

  2. Beautiful shot. I'm from the east coast and I was at work when I felt the quake. I thought i might have brushed the table with my elbow and rolled my chair around but was the quake..

    Congrats on Prise's eyes. They look quite lovely.