Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lets hold it together.

Winds are picking up as I type this, and to say I'm not worried would be a lie. I think it's all the talk and extent of preparation people are doing that is causing the ill feelings. However, I am gloriously happy to say I finished a commission (4 dolls) right in time for the rain to start too. So things with me are feeling definitely feeling a bit better, and especially now that I actually finished a job.

House is shaking a teeny bit now. Not sure of when this lady will be at her worst, but I'm wondering if and when I should shutdown my computer. A nasty surge could ruin my poor Mr. Computer. I have enough to keep me occupied if I do. Knitting, drawing, reading, and folding little origami stars.

So yes, we're all shacked up here, on our little peninsula town across from NYC, with my family and my brother's "refugee" friend (he needed to evacuate his house). Trying to keep safe. Hoping my giant, beautiful trees in front of my house stand strong and don't break my house.

Lastly, I tend to always make my final decisions about doing something when I'm unable to follow through with them. Like for instance now, I am 100% decided on going back to having pink hair. Can I do anything about it now? Nnnnope! Lets hope I can on Monday though!

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