Sunday, August 21, 2011

I gots Jobs!

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to see what it's like to be a graphic designer for a business. Well, sort of. It will be editing photos for the website, and I have to work only for 3 days. It's long hours but I do not mind. I need to do more! More! More to keep calm. Alright, lets get ready to wake up at 6am...

You know what else? More Harry Potter GIFs!! They always make me happy! Oh I almost forgot! I got excepted into Pottermore early!


  1. Is it very geeky that I know that the second one is from an interview Daniel Radcliffe did? He'd just been told he'd went through over 80 wands in the entire series because he keeps miming playing drums with them...*coughs nerdily*

    Congrats on the opportunity!! I hope you love it and learn loads ^____^!!

  2. Please give me a link to it if you can! I've been dying to find the video that goes with the gif!! (Constant problem I run into). :D