Monday, August 1, 2011

Addictive hobbies & healthy eating.

Well guess who got into Pottermore! Oh, I got an account, but still no email allowing me to browse. I'm pretty excited to try it out. Keeping those fingers crossed. It was rather funny to see an ebay auction for one account have bids for $14,000, then to be completely flooded up to $99,999,999. Oh the internet.

Today my friends and I took a trip to Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains, NJ. For kids who are poor it's a horrible idea, but it's so great (wonderful, awesome, insane)! I had to make my purchase before I found anymore, but apparently that didn't work. I found some awesome Sherlock Holmes comics and paid for one in cash. Then I was done. I had to be.

I've been trying to think of new healthy food ideas to keep me full and eating well. This sandwich I concocted was surprisingly amazing. It probably would of been 10x's amazing if I had some greens to place on top, but sadly no greens were to be had. It's a Dr. Pregers vegetable burger with humus, tomatoes, and Colby cheese on toasted rye bread. I think I could eat this everyday. I love it when I find foods that I can obsess over and it's not junk food. This is definitely better tasting than any junk food.

Whole foods is my favorite place to go to eat, because of their buffets! I wish I could walk down to my kitchen and it would be exactly like a Whole Foods buffet. If only I were a millionaire! I love their salads and vegan desserts. Their vegan cookies are so delicious! I could go for one right now, preferably with some almond milk. Mmmmm, almonds.

I wonder what other easy, healthy meals I can make? I've been trying to search for a "daily meal ideas" site, but haven't found one that was good yet. Especially for fresh, raw, vegetable based meals. I need a chef.

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