Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Morning Irene.

I'm writing this from my phone because as expected the power is out. We are currently in the eye of the storm, I've been told, and may well be getting more in a few hours. So far myself & my family are fine and not much damage was done. Pool is still standing as well as my wonderful trees. I haven't checked our basement, but my Dad seems in a fine mood so it must not be too bad. Haha. So I can say the only damages we've sustained are only inconveniences. I'm wondering how long this will hold up if we are expecting more.

Not having power stinks but I have stuff to keep me occupied. Must conserve energy on my phone. Bye for now!


  1. From a Florida girl who's been through too many of these things, stay safe even after the storm passes

  2. Oh no, please stay safe there!
    Take care of yourself and look
    after each other. My uncle lives over
    that way, so I know that it's worrisome.