Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feelings, oh boy feelings.

Alright! So! Prise is fully paid for, done and done, however her status has not changed to "shipped" just yet. I'm ok, just breathe. Maybe I should check it again? Nope, still the same. Drat.

Anyway, recently I have been feeling better, a lot better. I'm still working at a couple of things, and a few of them are short term, and some long term. When will I be completely happy? Not sure as of yet, but I hope it's sooner rather than later. Things that have helped turn my mood around; music, friends(including doll community), hiking, writing, being on my own (though at times painful), anime & cosplay vidoes (yes), and...

I really do feel more like myself. I'm still getting used to it because I haven't had my hair like this in a while (3 years). I also still have to work on it. Hopefully the end result will be close to platinum blonde, so I can get it to a really light baby pink.

I also did finish up a big commission that was so relieving to complete.

Tonight I'm going to watch my aunt perform some music, and this weekend I will be going to the Catskills with the family to celebrate the end of the Summer, technically. Horseback riding and hiking, yes please! Then next week I start classes again. I hope to get most dolls done before school gets too hectic. I also really want to learn how to space out my time correctly.

Yesterday I went on another hike, and this time it really kicked my ass. A lot of up hill, and I wasn't prepared. Haha. I really want to keep doing things like that though. The urge to get better, to be stronger is really building. So no matter how crappy I feel going up those hills, and how much I want to die and never walk up another hill again, when I'm sitting at home thinking back to what I did, I just want to do more. My friend and I are planning to head to a harder trail as soon as we can.


  1. I love your pink hair. I never managed to get quite the pink that I wanted back when I used to dye my hair though at one point I did have the most amazing stop sign red hair. Sometimes I miss it but alas, I am too old now. ;)

  2. Awesome hair! Gorgeous face up on that cute doll too!! I haven't gone up hills in a while, but I sure miss the thrill of it! It's an unbeatable feeling indeed! :D

  3. @ Jen - Thank you! I always wonder if I would be 80 and still want pink hair. I think I would. Haha. Especially if I'm gifted with the cotton white hair that runs on my mom's side. Lol.

    @Shuklyah - Thank you so much. It really is! I want to climb a mountain as I type. Hehe

  4. I have some white hairs now! :( I hope all my hair goes white.