Friday, August 19, 2011

Commence Hiking Addiction.

I am absolutely beat. My legs and feet ache right now, but it was well worth it! I went hiking today with some friends, and I think it's the start of a new hobby. Like I need anymore right? It felt awesome to actually do something so productive rather than mope around. I think it cleared my head. I think I can start getting back to commissions with confidence. Taking it one step at a time. Nature is full of inspiration.

I also owe a lot to my intense focus on music right now for raising my spirits. I use playing guitar and writing to calm me, and it has really paid off in the past week. In reaction to the recent occurrence that cause the depression, I've started giving my music 100% of my attention, being that it helps me cope so much. I'm glad to be finally focusing on it seriously, rather than loosely like before. It makes me realize how much confidence and hope I did not have in myself before. Man, crazy stuff happens to you when you're forced to make an upsetting change in your life.

I can not thank everyone who has made me feel better with their messages enough. You are all too kind. I am very lucky to have this generosity. Thank you, thank you. ♥


  1. I like hiking a lot. My body has, in recent years, turned against me so it's a lot harder for me to do it. Last year I went out on a hike/exploration. It ended up lasting hours and involved a walk across slippery rocks covered in seaweed. I wondered if I'd make it. I did though. And eventually left the hike and had another 30 mins to drive home. I questioned my sanity at that point, beyond exhausted and trying to drive but when I got home I just felt really good (really really tired and sore too).

    Lately stress has been making crazy. Especially today. I need to escape into nature I think. It's amazing how healing that can be.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it and that you're feeling better.

  2. That hike sounded pretty intense. I'm trying to get in shape now, and I'm glad I found a hiking partner. I would choose hiking over the gym any day. It really is healing. I'm missing it just talking about it. Haha.

    Thank you so, so much.

  3. I'm not in shape at all, not anymore. I'm not sure how I survived that day. :)

    You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoy it so much. You make me want to go on a hike too!