Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wishes to come true.

Recently I finished doing a face up on a MD Ryu. Now this sculpt is one that I have worked on a lot. I think it's even the one I've done the most. Also recently, a Ryu was put up for sale on DoA with a face up I did 4 years ago. When I compare then and now I'm confused and embarrassed!

Now (July 2011)

Then (Dec. 2008)

Then (Sept. 2009)

However, I'm also extremely happy. Doing face-ups is something I really stuck to, or has really stuck to me, and besides guitar it's something that I have watched myself actually get better at. Also, because of it I have gotten better at drawing and thinking in an artistic way. It "cleared my mind" so to speak. Now I know what they mean when you "find work you love doing". How can work be fun, ever? Well when it's painting resin dolls for people. I only get worried that the constant exposure to resin & solvent (sealer) is going to hurt me. I already feel like I might have some problems. I need a better work space.

Canon Powershot S95
I also need this, like really, really, really, really bad. It's wonderful. I will also be able to take hi-res videos. Hello! Tutorials!! Not to mention it's pocketable! Oh the wonders. I could take more photos like I used to! Too bad Prise (Supia Hael) is taking up all my funds!!


  1. Ah ,are you kidding they are all so beautiful! Even
    back then there was nothing for you to be embarrassed about! It's good though that you did got better and even still just as modest! ;)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much Anno. ♥ u ♥