Sunday, July 31, 2011

In a Hallow mood.

Lately I've been feeling extremely Halloweeny. I mean, of course I wish everyday could be Halloween, but for some reason the desire has increased. It must of come on with the vampire Ante I made-up this week. I cannot wait for the actual day to come! For now I am formulating a spooky camping trip with my friends; complete with ouija board, midnight walks, and horror movies (we stay in a camper, double spooky!!).

Hurray for Halloween in July! Here are some things I found that might help you get into a haunted mood.
1. Adorable pumpkin nighttime display! (blogged by halloweenhaunt.)
2. This awesome illustration definitely has a Dracula feel. (by oldcarguy41.)
3. Never leave home with out it! (by EclecticOutlet.)
4. I thought this ring was so amazing! (by BloodMilk.)
5. A dream lawn for decorating. (blogged by halloweenhaunt.)
6. The ghoulest socks around!! (sorry I had to).
7. I would buy millions and make a wicked bead curtain! (by pinkee.)
8. I love the vintage looking witch and black cat! (by GoldieLooWoodworks.)
9. I don't know about you, but I usually like to associate Harry Potter with Halloween as well. Today is the launch of Pottermore and "The Magical Quill" celebration. Try to get your entry to Pottermore early!

What are some of your favorite things about Halloween? Or, do you loathe it?

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