Monday, July 4, 2011

A great first half of Summer!

I had fun this past week. Thursday, the day before we left we watched some fireworks in our town. Then Friday we headed down to the campgrounds. I had to bring my dog Molly with me as a last minute emergency, but it wasn't too bad. The next day was pretty awesome. We did everything I was hoping we'd do; swam in the Delaware, shot BB guns, bought and lit a whole mess of fireworks, and made s'mores, ALL IN ONE DAY! I was lucky we did so much in one day, it's normally not like that. Everyone was willing to do a lot so it all worked out. It made the actual holiday (today) kind of lame in comparison. I took little photos because I felt like enjoying life with my brain camera. Haha. I need to get a smaller camera that I won't be so anxious about.

Anyway, now it's back to work and I'm actually very excited to get it done. The weather is great tomorrow, as the forecast says, so commissions all day!

View from my backyard tonight.

Video of attempting to video tape fireworks. Lol.


  1. awesome shots :D

    we didn't get to see our fireworks cause my son freaked out and didn't wanna go :( but no loss :P I didn't feel like sitting through them either HAHA

  2. Lovely view from the backyard :)