Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rising back up!

Well I'm returning from the darkness. Haha, every thing I'm working on is now finally paying off, and.. working. Working. What a wonderful word.

I received my clothes order today, and could not be happier. I'm about to purchase another pair of those shorts I bought. They fit perfectly. Everything else, also perfect.
I also just got back from an easy transaction at the post office. This hot day is not so bad. It's time to go into the pool. I can't stand it anymore. First I have to move the stuff away from my window to get the air-conditioner in there. It's time. I sleep with my head right next to the window fan. I could not even feel it blowing on me, that's how hot it was this morning. Alright I gotta get out of this room. As soon as that air-con's in, I'm going to work on my blog next, because the shop is done! Yes!



  1. It looks lovely Darling :)
    It will be cool to see some link to portfolio pr something :)
    Maybe try to add it ?

  2. Yep, it's on the first page. :) Thank you!