Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banana Bread and Beautiful Boys.

I've been struggling this week trying to focus on my business as well as a job I took on this week. I'm kind of failing and I apologize. It's hard having to be away from my work for a long time each day. I get antsy. However, I love the two, absolutely adorable fluffy-kins I get to watch. Haha. I would feel horrible if I didn't keep them as much company as I could while their parents were away. I apologize for the lag in production! I will be back on track after this weekend.

I was able to make able to make banana bread today. There were 3 bananas that were at their ripeness limit, so I thought why not try making banana bread finally. It's still baking right now and has a few minutes left. I had to do a few alterations because I did not have baking powder, only baking soda. I hope it turns out ok, lol.

I did finish some commissions today too. Feels like they took forever because I had to keep stopping. I'm glad at least some are done.

I made his eyes slightly lazy because I felt it helped his "despair" look. ^ ^

Check out this sly devil. Great sculpt!

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