Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's on the agenda this week?

I will be doing the following;

Finishing Bellforge's commission.
Studying for an taking Civ II final.
Studying for and taking History final.
Ship Aves dolls home finally!
Getting important school paperwork.
Picking up artwork.
Preparing for the 15th.
Breathing a sigh of relief because vacation has started.
Celebrate with some karaoke!
Play Minecraft/FFXI more?

I'm also saving up my pennies to get an iPhone 4. I was pleasantly surprised that the white one is finally available. I can't wait to deco it! ^^

Randomly, I've decided I will not be getting any tattoos. I've gone back and forth on the subject and I keep coming up with no. It's kind of frustrating really. I would probably have tattoos all over, but then thinking about not seeing your regular skin anymore just makes me a bit sad. Lol. Also I don't think I trust anyone enough to do a good job. I'm totally a perfectionist/control freak when it comes to that. But tattoos are beautiful and I love seeing some great tattoos out there. Of course I wish I could have them, but I can't. So here's to living through others and the wonderful option of hair dying! ^ O ^

Let's look back shall we?

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