Friday, May 6, 2011

Ironically finding myself with nothing to do!!

Now that school is almost over, and the commission list is practically completed, I'm finding myself having nothing to do!! This is mental because there is stuff for me to do! I feel very unorganized today.

The SHOP is opening up in 9 days! I'm excited! I scheduled myself well. I will get the 2 commission I have left finished before the new commissions come in! Hurray! Concerning the future SHOP, I believe I will have the quantity of items as follows; Basic = 3, Special #1 = 2, Special #2 = 1, and Special #3 = 1. If you do not have a clue what I'm talking about please visit the SHOP!

With the free time I'm going to be having an ample amount of I should really be studying Japanese and maybe playing some music. So I decided I should really get on that letter to my pen pal. I am also trying to learn Boy With A Coin by Iron & Wine. I may put some videos of me playing online...maybe.

Two negative things I realized today; I'm eating horribly-- too much candy and not many vegetables, and I cannot ever keep my room clean for more than a few weeks! Ò A Ó


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