Saturday, May 28, 2011

I knew I spoke to soon about this weather.

It's bloody hot! So hot it made me say bloody. The other day I said how crazy it was that it's almost the end of May and it's so cool outside (sometimes even chilly), and of course the next day my face is melting off! I'm going to get myself one of those window fans. I don't really think I need an air-conditioner yet. I hate blocking off one window anyway. When I do the air-conditioner needs to be on or I'll die. All I can think about is..POOL.

Thank you everyone for the kind messages about my injury. I was really lucky this time around. My muscles were the only things effected. I was fooled! I thought my SI joints were inflamed, as this is what usually happens, but this was different. Now, I'm recovering a lot quicker. Yes!! So all of those times my Dad would say to me, "Your back is still out?!?", it makes me realize that his experience of his "back-going-out" is more muscular, and less painful than what I usually experience. If this was an SI joint injury I'd still be in pain and in bed. All I can think about now is....POOL...

So~ I was able to finish commissions! Not as many as I hoped, but an ok amount in a weeks time. Since I'm finished commissions I am opening more slots! They will be open tomorrow at 6pm EST. Same as last time.

Ok I'm sweating, blah, pooool.

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