Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend packed of goodness.

I'm a bit confused on what this weekend will entail, but I know it's going to be a lot of stuff. I should really be doing my World Art paper, which I think is due on the 18th (I hope), but I'm really focused on commissions right now. Could I possibly get them all done this weekend? Probably not, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try. ^_~

I decided I would participate in things that would make me busier than I am. Stupid? Yes. Haha, but I wanted to do them so. Ppppthht! I believe I am going to be doing my friend's hair in a pinup style for a wedding she has this weekend. I also just ordered prints of some of my photography for this silent auction fund raiser I'm having at my school. (you know what's annoying? photo mats.) Not to mention I also plan on heading to the stables on Saturday. Did I ever mention that I love horses? They're still a dangerous enigma to me at the current time, but I'm driven to figure them out. It's insane intense.

In other news, remember when I talked about having two art projects for the week. Well, I ended up doing one slightly incorrect. I was supposed to do it in color, and I chose black & white. I thought we had the option. Drat. Hey, it was pretty funny though. Heh, I will post it when I get it back at the end of this semester. With this next project we received I've decided to take the humor route as well. In short; Eat shit or eat pizza. What on earth am I talking about? You will see...

Lastly, the other week I took photos for my friends' band. They are called Last Letters, and they are very wonderful. They do not have any music up now because they are bums. Soon I hope. The guy on the right hand side, Nery, is having (or possibly not having) surgery on his knee tomorrow. I am worried for him, so everyone think great thoughts if it is tomorrow!

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