Thursday, April 28, 2011

My feets are wet!

Random thunderstorms are something I'm going to have to live with this Spring apparently. I say "BOO" to that, but we still need rain. Today was my last "class" and I'm feeling not as relieved and ready to relax as I thought I would. Not only did our 2-D Design professor give us another assignment ("Please slip it under my door by next week", he said.), but I won't be able to retrieve all my projects from him until next semester! I'm completely bummed. This is totally deja vu! My previous professor of the same class, who has vanished, never gave back some of my assignments. I'm totally sentimental when it comes to my art, I get really attached. I know that sounds really obsessive but it's my art and I will cry if I want to! Lol.

Besides that I just have 3 finals to take; one being really easy, and the other two a bit difficult. I will need to study, BUT THAT'S THE END! I'm free!

....I miss my art projects....

Anyway! I would like to thank everyone who voted on the questions in the previous entry, and the rush of subscribers to the newsletter! I really appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and I hope to give back the day of the opening! It's so much fun! You are all so wonderful!
I think I will also clean up the site a little bit, I feel it may be a bit intimidating with all there is to read. Perhaps I can cut it down a bit.

Sugarlump is next on the present commissions list, I hope to have hers done over the weekend (if the rain will let up that is).

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