Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GreAt News! (Please Read!)

So today was my last day of Civilizations II class, and the next time we meet will be to take the final exam. I have been told I hold an A- in this class which can go up to an A with the exam. That's 2/4 classes with an A so far, I'm so relieved. I don't think that will be the story with History class though..

Ok, now for the serious great news. ^^ My last, final, fiiiinal day is on May 9th. I have finished another commission leaving only 4 left on the list. I feel confident in releasing a re-opening date, and that date will be......

formally sent out in the newsletter this weekend! ^ o ^

First I need some questions answered. What better than a poll? Please feel free to vote!

VOTE: What time to open shop?

VOTE: Which will you choose?
Visit the SHOP page to understand what this question is about.

Also, I'm hoping to make an event out of it. I was thinking I would go live on cam and have fun in the anticipation of opening shop and keep everyone entertained. Lol. Hai. It will be exciting. Maybe we can get together and play some Minecraft, or perhaps something else? :D Either way, this will all be mentioned in the Newsletter that will be sent out this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled! (Gross!) I will also update my DoA thread, Twitter, and I think that's it.

Thank you so much to everyone who supports my work, it's always fun working and talking with everyone!

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